Through fairly paid internships, qualifying offenders serving under Article.21 of Penitentiary Law are offered the opportunity to develop technical and soft skills to increase their long-term employability.

"Programma 2121 has this characteristic:​
it builds a strong bridge between the offenders' capabilities and the market needs"

Giorgio Leggieri, Director of the Milan Bollate Prison​


The Italian Ministry of Justice (DAP and PRAP) perform an ad hoc profiling process, aligned to good conduct criteria, to identify inmates who are eligible to participate
The participating organization receives the CVs of candidates with appropriate skills for the jobs required.
As with traditional recruitment, candidates are interviewed for the roles.
The selected offenders participate in useful soft-skills courses to ensure an effective transition from the prison environment to that of the host companies.
Minimum duration: 6 months, renewable.
In the face of fixed-term or permanent employment, companies can benefit from tax relief according to the Italian Smuraglia Law.